What we do

Groups of interested residents from the Parishes of Redgrave, South Lopham, Blo'Norton, Hinderclay and Thelnetham came together in 2002 to establish a charity to conserve and enhance the environmental value of the river valley within their parishes. Run almost entirely by volunteers, the charity works closely with, and supports, other local charities. Our long-term aims are:

Volunteers digging a new pond on the Frith

  • To re-create and maintain a continuous corridor of wildlife habitat along the headwaters of the Little Ouse by
    • improving the wildlife diversity
    • where appropriate, restoring natural river features
    • improving water quality
  • To facilitate rural regeneration and land-use diversification
  • To improve recreation, amenity and education value for the community
  • To improve landscape quality and safeguard against flooding

We are achieving these aims through the maintenance and enhancement of the existing wetland, woodland and heathland, and by the longer-term re-creation of some of the valley's fens and meadows to reunite the isolated fen fragments. Our practical land management is achieved through a mix of volunteer labour and the use, whenever possible, of local contractors. We have made substantial improvements to public access to the valley by the creation of new permissive footpaths and we hope eventually to include cycle and bridle ways. Some of the area's roads have been designated "Quiet Lanes", encouraging use by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. We hope that this will substantially increase the area's potential for low-impact tourism. This in turn will bring benefits to the local economy through the provision of farm accommodation and produce outlets, and increased trade for local shops, pubs and historic buildings.