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Garboldisham school at Scarfe Meadows © Di McDonald

In this section of the website you can find activities, quizzes and puzzles and other resources to help teachers, parents and children enjoy and learn more about the headwaters of the Little Ouse valley. Scroll down the table to find downloadable presentations and activity sheets under a wide range of topics.

Garboldisham Primary School work closely with the LOHP on their local sites and much of the material here comes from their work. Both Garboldisham and Hopton Primary Schools work with the LOHP on creative arts projects; a whole school art project at Hopton School is described here.  Nicky Rowbottom and Reg Langston wrote the material on this page which is based on their work with the schools, together with work inspired and run by artist Rosemary Humphries, by the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, teacher Tamsin Young and the Goldfinch Foundation. The LOHP is grateful to them all, as well as to the Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting this work.

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All about peat

web page

Info for everyone on the amazing peat beneath our feet in the valley fens

 click to access

Children’s surveys - plants and minibeasts  

info, activity sheets, tally sheets

(1) Using quadrats to compare plants in school grounds and a conservation site.
(2) Brief description of bug hunting methods.

Making homes for animals 

info + activity sheets


ID sheet of plants on Broomscot Common

info + picture sheet


Quizzes & puzzles




Who’s been here?

presentation with questions

Animal droppings, homes and signs

Wildlife in close up (1)

presentation with questions

Pictures + text with missing letters

Wildlife in close up (2)

presentation with questions

Stunning photos, questions and fascinating facts.

Word searches, and definition matching (simple)



Word searches, and definition matching (trickier)



Answers to word definition matching







A special landscape  

presentation with questions

The Little Ouse Headwaters put into context. A bit of history and a quiz.

A special landscape  - notes and answers)


Background notes and answers to the questions in the Powerpoint

Changing scenes: Same places: different times

presentation with questions

LOHP and school’s  use of fixed point photography to record change





Children investigate peat as a fuel

presentation with questions

Description of project

What was it like here?

info sheet + questions

Extracts from the oral histories recorded by people who have lived in the area a long time

Habitat management




Children’s gorse experiment

presentation with questions

Various measures tried out to prevent damage to gorse – posed as a mystery.

Restoring Broomscot’s pond


Description of process

Working with willow


Description of process

Restoring the river Part 1 – what was done and why?


Description of process

Restoring the river Part 2 – Who did what?

presentation with questions

Description of process – focus on the people

Creative arts




Hopton Primary whole school project


Description of project – strong art focus

Birdswing presentation Description of a project – children recording and mimicking birdsong





Memories (Mervyn Cater)   Memories from the 1940s

Planning for keeping safe

presentation with questions

Exercise for children to start thinking about keeping safe

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